Give Back

Given all of the opportunities Camren has enjoyed in her life, she recognizes that they were made possible with the help of others. Therefore, she finds it important to give back in any way possible, even if it is small. Sometimes kids may feel they don’t have enough money or resources to give back to their communities. There are small ways everyone can participate. Volunteering with non-profit organizations, participating in fundraising marathons, and even spreading the word through social media about actions in giving back can all help to spread awareness and inspire others to get involved.

A non-profit organization near and dear to Camren’s heart are the SEAL Legacy Foundation. The SEAL Legacy Foundation is one organization that helps support families of the wounded or fallen and helps provide educational support.

Camren wouldn’t be where she is today without her strong dance background, which began in Hawaii at 24/7 Danceforce. This studio has turned out many incredible talents. It is a non-profit organization and donations can be made here.

North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization is also close to Camren’s heart. Through this organization, she was able to adopt her beloved Savvy. Fashion Tales is another organization Camren’s been involved with that bridges photographic art, interactive live performance, celebrities, and fashion models with animal adoption.

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