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Welcome to the official site of the actress, Camren Bicondova.

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Help support Camren’s dance studio, 24/7 Danceforce, in Hawaii.

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Given all of the opportunities Camren has enjoyed in her life, she recognizes that they were made possible with the help of others.

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    I think I’m gonna start this thing, this “trend” where, when I feel like death, (or feel like i look like death,) I’m gonna take a selfie. And remind myself that even at my “worst,” I’m pretty awesome. This is me x the flu. What are you? lemme know w/ the tag iamprettyblank


  • Challenge her, but also be a shoulder for her to cry on, because I feel like a lot of the time, dads have this standard that they’re held to of like they can’t cry, you have to be hard, you have to be strong. I very much looked up to my dad, because he is a hero to me, but it’s good to kind of have a hero sit down next to you and not stand above you the whole time. So challenge her, but make it known to her that she can talk to you.

    Camren Bicondova on how to parent a Wonder Woman – YouTube
    (via justgotham)


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