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Welcome to the official site of the actress, Camren Bicondova.

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24/7 Danceforce Nonprofit

Help support Camren’s dance studio, 24/7 Danceforce, in Hawaii.

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Given all of the opportunities Camren has enjoyed in her life, she recognizes that they were made possible with the help of others.

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    #ThisIsMeForYou now has its own account on Instagram! Each Saturday I’ll post a poem and its explanation on the new profile: @thisispartofmeforyou


  • Just a lil clip of my #ThisIsMeForYou Piece 4 live. Script from video below. (**explicit language**)

    “the thought of you still disturbs my breathing—at times. 

    Like you stopped my breathing—all the time. 

    or tried to…nah, you did. 

    i was gasping for air in a place that didn’t have pressure. 

    i was floating in a sinking place, wondering why I felt like [i was] drowning

    yet I still was above the surface. 

    just barely. 

    I will forever wonder how you found so much pleasure in my suffering. Fuck your apologies…”

    To my fellow survivors of Domestic Violence, there is light. You just have to give yourself time. Don’t put time restrictions on the healing process. You’ll actually hinder your growth in the process. Just trust that there is light—in you, among you, and even in your imagination. And know that you deserve to be in this existence. Much love to you.


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